Spring has sprung 

I finished up with two months ago after over seven years. I’ve been spending most of the last month hanging out with my wife and two young boys in Melbourne and have had a few trips weeks away in Victoria’s chilly alpine region, Queensland Sunshine Coast, and Dubbo NSW. I’ve been scattering career seeds in the job field waiting for some rain and time before germinating into the next big career thing (NBCT).

I have been enjoying meeting up with several tech companies and founders in Melbourne and a couple bigger media companies both agency and publishing side about future work (some full-time, some contracting work). The consulting or freelancing flexibility is quite attractive to me at the moment being able to spend more time in the mornings (or whole days) with the boys whilst not rushing into the NBCT. It is also a way to satisfy my generalist curiosity after being deep in an automotive marketplace vertical for many years.


Raising boys is something I am figuring out every day. Some days are great, most are good. Some are shocking. I heard on a podcast that a great way to manage escalating emotions between a parent and a two-three year old. The idea centres on the concept of ‘acceptance’. Regardless if your kid is upset, or angry, close to tantrum, you verbalise and mentally ‘accept’ this stage without agreeing to their reasoning, and try not to be influenced or overcome by the situation.

I laughed thinking how well this applies to interactions with adults as well. When I think of a difficult manager or stakeholder from my past career. I should have just ‘accepted’ them, and moved on. Not tried to change them, or get emotionally invested. Just ‘accept’ and move on. 

Eyes and ears and mouth and nose

These thing have kept me entertained, nourished, laughing, learning..